“He was a lifesaver for our company…” – A Testimonial About Myrtle Beach Website Designer

One of the things we appreciate most about our work are the raving reviews we get from our clients.

Here’s an example of one of them, from Ron Sherwin of Freedom’s Edge Marine:



Freedom's Edge Marine

Concerning Spike Cohen and Myrtle Beach Web Design,

Several years ago we were looking to expand our business and had a web designer design and host our site.  That company notified us that they were basically going out of business and we would have to find another company to host our site. Unfortunately for us, it was not as easy as just transferring files from one host to another; fortunately for us we knew of Spike Cohen. He was for us a lifesaver for our company as over eighty per cent of our business is generated through our Internet presence.   

Spike had us up and running within just a few hours of contacting him.  He worked diligently on our site, obtaining new domain names, changed e-mail addresses, reformatted pictures within our gallery, and solving a host of other problems. We at Freedom’s Edge Marine, cannot thank him enough for being there when we needed him, for being not only a real professional, but for being patient and understanding with folks who have no idea of what it takes to design, create and maintain a website.  We highly recommend him and we would not consider anyone else. We encourage all those we deal with to do the same. 

Ron Sherwin,
Freedom’s Edge Marine


Gotta love that testimonial!

Incidentally, the reason that the Freedom’s Edge project wasn’t as easy as transferring files is because the CD that the previous webmaster sent did not work, and they didn’t have another backup of the site. So we basically had to remake the site from scratch, while also making it look exactly the same as the old site.

Anyway, click here to see more testimonials from our ecstatic clients!



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