Alligator Adventure – Look What We Did!

This picture doesnt even begin to show the hundreds of gators and crocs they have at Alligator Adventure!

Have an affinity for reptile monsters that would love to eat you? Of course you do! Go to Alligator Adventure!


If it involves wild animals, warm weather and more wild animals, Bingles and I are there!  Especially if it’s in Myrtle Beach, although this is technically in North Myrtle Beach.  Yes, it’s a separate city…

Today’s feature is Alligator Adventure, which is part of Barefoot Landing.  We go there all the time, and for good reason.  Here is just a partial list of the creatures they have there:

  • Alligators by the hundreds.
  • Crocodiles, also by the hundreds.
  • Utan, King of the Crocodiles (assumably because he’s so big, not because any actual royal lineage).
  • Dozens of turtles, including giant Galapagoses (Galapagosii?).
  • Dozens of exotic birds, including macaw parrots and these pinkish things that look like ostriches but are, in fact, not ostriches.
  • Hundreds of reptiles, including iguanas and weird frogs of all types (yes I know they’re amphibians).
  • Hundreds of snakes (yes I know they’re also reptiles) including a king cobra and some anacondas.
  • River Otters (I love River Otters).
  • Bison (I love River Otters).
  • An extended family of Lemurs, which I tried to join.
  • Two Tigers, which we watched fight over a duck one of them had killed.

The facility at Alligator Adventure is pretty big, with raised wooden walkways that take you throughout the man-made animal kingdom.  Of course, there are always fences around the walkways, because apparently alligators are excellent jumpers.

For the sake of brevity (and laziness) I only included about a dozen pics, and these do not do the place justice.  Literally everywhere you look, there are several exotic wild creatures staring back at you, with that “I want to eat you, but this fence is too high to jump” look on their faces.

What’s cool is, they have the gators (and crocs) in the water with fish, turtles, lizards, birds and everything else that would naturally be with them.  Because they are kept VERY well-fed, they don’t try to eat their neighbors. 

Although they do sometimes chase the turtles around, which is funny.

Anyway, here are some pics, as always:

Gators, gators, and more gators...


...or maybe they're crocodiles.


It's fun to watch Galapagos tortoises eat salad. That salad looked good too.


We sat on the floor and watched the lemurs for almost an hour. Towards the end, the started walking up to the glass, sitting down and staring back at us. It was hilarious!


They have two Albino alligators, which there are only a few of on the whole planet. They cannot live in the wild, because of their sensitivity to sunlight.


I forget if this is the other albino, or just a close-up of the same one.


Who doesn't love babies?


Bingles posing with our new buddies.


Here I am, posing with Utan, King of the Crocodiles. This photo doesn't do him justice; he's H-U-G-E!


"I am not a crook!"


We like to watch the live feedings, as well as the baby gator shows.  If you’ve never pet a gator, here’s your chance.

ATTENTION JEWISH PEOPLE!  I have been informed by my Rabbi that it is against Jewish Law to touch a reptile.  So if you do, don’t tell your Rabbi.

Admission is $16.95 for adults, $14.95 for seniors, $10.95 for kids 4-12, and FREE for kids under 4!

And keep your tickets, because they’re good for another FREE visit within 7 days of your first visit!

So come on down to (North) Myrtle Beach and visit Alligator Adventure!


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