“To say we are satisfied with the outstanding service we receive from Spike and Myrtle Beach Website Designer would be a drastic understatement.”


I’ve probably done more work for Cohen & Associates Real Estate than for anyone else.  They are a company that sells Real Estate in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area.  And this is probably the most ringing endorsement I’ve received from anyone:


To Whom it May Concern:

Myrtle Beach Website Designer will never finish our website! Because Spike puts his personal and professional heart and soul into every single challenge he undertakes, he is continually searching for ways to improve our real estate website CohenMyrtleBeach.com. Just when we think our web presence cannot look or function better, he sends an email asking us to review his latest improvements.

For those who know little or nothing of website design, or who are intimidated by the whole process (I know because that group included me), you will be overwhelmed by the unsurpassed patience displayed and guidance provided by Spike Cohen and Myrtle Beach Website Designer.

No cookie-cutter websites. Myrtle Beach Website Designer gives each and every website designed their own distinctive look, with just the right amount of “WOW!”

Best regards & God bless,
Trish Cohen
Cohen & Associates Real Estate


That’s a great review if I ever heard one!  I look forward to continuing to improve and update the Cohen & Associates website.

Incidentally, the fact that Trish Cohen is my mother has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with how ringing this endorsement is.

It is probably why I got the job right out of high school though.

Anyway, For more testimonials like this one, most of which did not come from my mother, go to our Testimonials Page!


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