Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services by Myrtle Beach Website Designer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re like most people who surf the Internet, you use a search engine like Google or Yahoo to find what you’re looking for online. Normally, you only need to click on the first few results that come up.

But have you ever wondered who decides which websites come up first? Well, the engines’ super-computers use a complicated and ever-changing formula to “figure out” which websites are the most relevant to your search.

That’s all fine and good, but what’s important to you is, how do you make sure that your site is listed at the top of those engines? After all, you can have the greatest site in the world, but if no knows it’s there, then you might as well not have one at all.

That’s where Myrtle Beach Website Designer comes in! We specialize in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. We use a series of SEO techniques to make sure that your site gets the highest search engine ranking possible!

Of course, we have to make sure that you are ranked high for something that you actually do. If you sell cars, and you come up at the top of rankings when someone is searching for lawn chairs, that’s not going to help you, which is why we research the best search terms that are related to what you do, and focus on making your site rank as highly as possible for those searches!

In fact, if you found us via a search engine, then you got a first-hand showcase of our ability to get high rankings for our sites!


Here are a few of the SEO techniques we use for your site:

Generate pages and coding designed to follow search engine guidelines.

Develop “META tags” which provide description and keyword info to the search engines.

Modify site content to make it as search engine friendly as possible, while still maintaining the integrity of your site design.

Create XML Sitemap, which helps search engines navigate through your site more easily, and putting your site at a higher rank for more regular “crawls” by the search engines. This allows your website’s new content to be shown on search engines more quickly.

Check HTML, JSP, ASP, PHP, CSS and any other coding for possible errors.

Submit your website to all the major search engines (including Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, AOL Search, Altavista, and more).

Submit your website to hundreds of other smaller search engines.

All of the above services can also be retro-fitted onto websites that have already been created.


Our SEO services can be rolled into a Comprehensive Website Package for you! Or, if you already have a website, but you aren’t getting as many hits and visits as you should, we can do SEO for existing websites as well.

Never take it for granted that your website design company designs your website to be search engine friendly. The fact is, most web designers don’t even know how to optimize your site for search engines, and they will probably never even mention it. And most web designers charge obscene amounts of money for the service if they do offer it, or they’ll just hand you over to a 3rd party company to do some “jury rigging” of your site to make it more search engine friendly.

If you’re ready to get the highest search engine rankings possible for your website by Myrtle Beach Website Designer, or you want more info about these and other services, email us at or call us at (843) 902-7256.

Whether your business is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina or Guadalajara (or anywhere in between), trust Myrtle Beach Website Designer to handle all of your Search Engine Opmtimization needs!



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