Online Marketing/Promotion & Link Building Services by Myrtle Beach Website Designer

Online Marketing & Link Building


Every bit as important as a high search engine ranking is high popularity among other sites. Have you ever gone to a website, and you’re reading where it says “Wow! Here’s a site that is the best ever when it comes to such-and-such, click here to go their site…”? That’s called a link.

The best compliment you can get from another site is a raving review from them, followed by a link to your site. That’s the Internet equivalent of a “word-of-mouth campaign”, and it even helps your search engine rankings too!

Google and Yahoo have figured out that, the more links a site has, the better and more relevant it must be, and they weigh their rankings accordingly. It is VERY important that your site have links to it from other sites, and vice versa.

Another important means of getting your site out there for the world to see is through internet directories and social bookmarking sites.

Internet directories are the online equivalent of the yellow pages. The most well-known internet directory is Yahoo! Directory, but there are literally thousands of others, and we’ll get you on every single one that pertains to your site.

Social bookmarking sites are the online equivalent of a community corkboard. The most popular social bookmarking sites are Digg, and Clipmarks, and we’ll get your site on them too.

Having your website listed on these sites helps get your name out there, and it also has the positive side effect of giving you a higher search engine ranking. After all, Google and the rest know that if your site is so popular that it has all these mentions on other sites, then you must be a site worth placing higher on their search engine too!

The fact is, most website developers will never mention internet directories, social bookmarking sites or link-building to you, and if you ask them about it, they will downplay their importance. But the fact is, these things are the future of online advertising, and if your site isn’t on the wagon, it will be left far behind.

Myrtle Beach Website Designer can manage a massive online marketing and link-building campaign to help your site gain popularity, and your business gain revenue! And we don’t get you a couple links….we get you HUNDREDS of links! Sometimes THOUSANDS, depending on what business you are in.

And all of this, with NO Spamming or any other illegitimate means of marketing. All of our marketing and link-building is “organic”, which means that all the sites linked to yours are doing so voluntarily and without any monetary incentive. They are doing it because they want to mention how great your site is!

In addition, we give information and regular updates about your site on this blog, which is the highest-ranked Web Design Blog in the Grand Strand! This gives you even more exposure!

As always, we can provide these services as part of a Comprehensive Website Package and we can also provide these services for an already-existing site.

If you’re ready to have your website promoted all over the Internet by Myrtle Beach Website Designer, click here to Get a Quote and to find out about our Best Value Guarantee! Or for more info about these and other services, email us at or call us at (843) 902-7256.

Whether your business is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina or Kazakhstan (or anywhere in between), trust Myrtle Beach Website Designer to handle all of your Online Marketing, Promotion and Link-Building needs!


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