– Cleanout and General Labor Site by Myrtle Beach Website Designer

Let's all welcome to the MBWD family!

Let's all welcome to the MBWD family!


Another week, another new site by Myrtle Beach Website Designer.

About a week ago, I was contacted by Chris Wollin of Carolina Labor Solutions.  They do REO trashouts, Foreclosure Cleanouts, Commercial Landscaping and all sorts of General Labor Services.

Anyway, Chris came to me because he wanted a quality website design, at a good price.  Most importantly, he wanted a quick and efficient turnaround.

I made it in about a week.

To Chris’s credit, he had pretty much all the materials he wanted to be included on the site ready to go the first time we met, and he kept in constant communication with me as the site design progressed.  As I’ve talked about before, the better the communication I can get from my client, the more quickly it can be made and the better it will look.

I’ll tell you this much: if Chris is half as efficient in his business as he was in communicating with me, then Carolina Labor Solutions has to be the best general labor contracting company in town! 

If you’re in the Carolinas, and you need Labor Contracting, Contact Carolina Labor Solutions Today!

So let’s welcome to the Myrtle Beach Website Design family!


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